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ECCSers, Its been a busy summer so far but here are a few updates to signings we have completed. All Bob Odenkirk, Sean Astin, Cool Runnings & sports signings from Chicago have been shipped. All Terrificon order have been shipped as well, unless an item needed JSA authentication. All orders from the National & Dan Gladden are currently going through shipping process. Our signings update page on website has been updated as well. As always patience is the key, as messaging during the weekend of a signing or even the week or so after will not make your item ship any faster. We have had 60 signings since beginning of June alone, and we are actually just about fully shipped on all of them, including ones just a couple weeks ago. We announced some big upcoming signings this past week and have some more announcements this coming week as well! As always thank you for trusting ECCS with your items.

Happy Collecting! 

-Brian & Chris