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MAY 23, 2022 UPDATE

We have had a crazy week or so since the last update. But a few things just to keep everyone in the loop. 1. Goonies items that were certed have been shipping and we hope to have the rest out by end of week. 

2. Any items that were signed from previous signings (i.e. Blindside, Weller etc will also be out by end of week). 

3. We are still waiting for a reschedule date for Christina Ricci. This is not in our control and we are in a holding pattern. Her orders remain live and open on website. 

4. Almost all items from our April sports signing are shipped with a handful more to go. 

5. Bob Odenkirk orders/send in deadline is approaching fast so dont miss out. 

6. We announced a ton of sports signings last week which include Hall of Famers and others... that deadline is JUNE 12th. 

7. John Cusack deadline is JUNE 12th. 

As always remember deadlines are not signing dates. And we ship out as fast as we can during the evenings & weekends. 

Thank you for your patience and for trusting ECCS with your items. 

Happy Collecting! 

-Brian & Chris