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May '22 Update

Hello ECCSers,

We are trying a new way of keeping everyone up to date...

We have had a crazy busy few weeks with about 50 signings including some traveling to make them happen. Michael Winslow items are almost all shipped, will be done by end of week at latest. Currently working through shipping Tim Busfield, Mindy Cohen, Melissa Gilbert, Blindside, Burton Gilliam, Christopher Lloyd, Chuck Norris, Jonathan Silverman, Lea Thompson, Peter Weller as well as the over 30 sports signings we had within past 2 weeks. 

I cant stress enough (once again) having patience while we sort and ship everyone's items. It is not a fast process to ship 1000s of items, plus sorting and actually doing the signings...that being said we are pushing through pretty fast. 

We are in a holding pattern on Christina Ricci, who has been incredibly busy filming, so we are waiting on her schedule so we can figure out a new date. Orders remain open for her on our website. 

We are extending the send in deadline for Tom Nieto to July 10th. Orders are still open for our signing with Bob Odenkirk & our charity signing with Andre Robertson as part of ECCS GIVES BACK. As always, thank you for trusting ECCS with your items and collectibles. 

Happy Collecting! 

-Brian & Chris p.s. dont forget to leave reviews of your experience and of your items in the group and review section of our website for others to see.